How to liven up your event

The best event planners are constantly on the look-out for innovative ways to making family occasions more memorable. The days of mere wedding dances and family dinners are over.

 First and Foremost : The Venue!

Each type of event would have its own individual requirements, and you need to be very clear as to what you hope to achieve through the event. One of the first things you need to do before you get around to organizing an event is to decide the venue. Take a decision on the likely participants and the number of people who would attend.

Seek out a non-traditional venue – a rustic farmhouse, a barn or even an open terrace with a great view. With that out of the way, here are a few fresh event ideas to get you excited about getting together again.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Make the guests feel like an integral part of the day by incorporating them into the décor — in a gallery of meaningful photos. Hang pictures of the newly-weds or the star of the day with friends and family at the venue. It's a fun party conversation starter as guests find pictures of themselves with you, and go onto reminisce and socialize.

Mix it up!

Everybody loves the energy of a live band but also prefer the original versions of their favorite tunes. As a compromise, hire a dance band but also play DJ'ed music during breaks, or arrange to have live music during some parts of the event and recorded music during others.

If there is a song that reminds you of one of your loved ones, have your entertainer dedicate it to them.  It can be serious, sentimental, or silly. If you have musicians or dancers in the family, invite your guests to perform at the event. (Make sure they enjoy themselves!)


Break the Ice!

"Run. Skip. Dance. Swoop in on a rope swing!" Make a grand entry, don't be afraid to liven it up. Brainstorm with your planners about the most creative, appropriate way to create a big impression. This is an excellent way to kick off the event and set up a fun vibe for the rest of the event.

Eat (and drink) family-style.

It’s best to consider how much your guests will consume and determine which would work best for you. Serving food buffet-style can be convenient, but is not recommended for events with a lot of guests because of the resulting long lines. If it is on a more intimate scale, you can ask your guests to bring sweets or home-made delicacies to serve as dessert.

Finally, the décor!

Social media, especially Pinterest has made life easier for decorations. You can search the Internet for free templates and printables to save money. However one needs to be realistic about the scale and cost of DIY projects. It’s easy to undervalue the effort and cost that goes into the bewitching concepts found on Pinterest. Some things are best left to the professionals.

Remember, it’s often the smallest and unexpected details that will make your day most memorable.


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