5 Tips for the Perfect Wedding (On a Budget!)

Ever wonder why brides on TV are always freaking out? For more reasons than one. On your big day, not only do you have to get all of your wacky friends and family together, but also within a budget.

There’s no shame if you want to keep the costs to a minimum. If you are focused on trimming the fat, look at these items that most wedding planners consider a total waste of the wedding budget.

1. The Venue

The pricing of your wedding venue will probably result in at least one mini heart attack before your wedding day. Try to book it during the off-season or on a weekday to get a better deal.

Or instead try a pop-up wedding ceremony, an alternative to sky-high wedding venue costs. This is where the couple come in and have a quick ceremony with little or no set-up — this can be a very inexpensive option. A venue may allow a pop-up wedding at 9 a.m. before their bigger event at noon, and at a significant discount.

2. The Gown

For the picture-perfect gown, make a detour before your trip to the bridal shop — hit a sample sale instead. At the end of each season, bridal salons and designers typically sell their gowns ‘off the rack’ at great discounts.

Of course, you will need to devote extra time and attention while shopping. Make sure that there aren’t any major stains or unfixable tears and typically, loose beading or threading issues. Most of these can be taken care of during the alteration process.

3. The Flowers

Flowers are essential for any wedding, but ensure that your choice of fresh flowers doesn't break the bank. Shop around before you determine exactly what you want in the way of flowers.

Re-purposing any and all flowers used in a ceremony can help save money. Using flowers from the ceremony to the reception afterward is a great way to maximize their use and get your money's worth. Turn them into an attraction for your head table, the bridesmaid bouquets on a cocktail table after the ceremony, etc.

4. The Program

Most of the time, guests end up leaving behind beautifully designed programs on their seats, leaving the married couple with a pile of leftovers and wasted printing costs.

At times, it’s best to leave the program out entirely. Especially if you are having a simple wedding and guests most likely won’t need a printed guide for the ceremony.

5. The Extras

Seasoned wedding planners say that couples often tend to waste a lot of money and effort on tiny details that no one else notices. Details like signing everything, custom cocktail napkins, additional pieces of stationary or decoration, etc. One should rather spend it on the food, the bar, the venue, etc. which the guests actually notice.

Savvy planning can save you money, but it remains a fact that weddings are expensive. It’s best to have a clear budget and to stick with it.


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