6 Stage Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings

The center stage is the most important part of all Indian weddings.

The spotlights are always focused on this area, as this is where the bride and the groom spend most of their time. As a result, this is the most viewed and photographed area. Hence, if you want to make your wedding memorable, you must pay special attention to the decor of this area.

We have come up with some of the latest stage background decor trends to make your photos exceptionally breathtaking.

 #1. Lights and Flowers

No wedding decor is complete without light strings and flowers. The combination of these two set the perfect backdrop. Cover the entire stage with light colored curtains and then add some flowers and light to give the stage a festive look.

 #2. Bright hangings and drapes

Bright hangings and crystal with curtains in the background will create a romantic backdrop on the centre stage decoration. You can use curtains of any color with shiny crystals.

 #3. Satin drape

This is for those that believe in simplicity. A simple backdrop of satin curtains draped on the centre stage is elegant and classy. You can choose any color that matches your decor. Satin drapes add the right touch of panache to your wedding.

#4. White and gold

White and gold is an elegant combination of colors that is timeless and looks both rich and classy. Using this combination for the background of the center stage if you want to play it safe.


 #5. Royal Background

The most abundantly used color for Indian weddings is gold. With gold color pillars and arches, you can set a classic stage backdrop. This setup will impart a royal look to your photographs. It will also make you and your partner feel like royalty as well.

 #6. Red and gold

While gold is the color for love, red is the color of love. Because of their significance, they are an integral part of the Indian culture and hold great significance with weddings. Additionally, these colors are an excellent option for the center stage. You can use flowers to add a touch of red on the center stage.




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