1. Traditional Indian Snacks Carts: Thelas or snacks carts are an iconic part of life in India. And this is not just about invoking aspects of Indian culture. Wedding functions can extend for quite a while in Indian culture. Especially when it comes to rituals like the midnight feras, and you have to feel for your guest in these occasions. Having a few tastefully decorated snack carts or thelas stocked with the choicest snacks shows that you care about your guests while simultaneously flaunting your rich Indian heritage. This is a win-win option if there ever was one.

2. Customized Flip-flops for Dancing: No Indian wedding is complete without at least a few hours of dancing thrown into the mix. Chappals or sandals offer a comfortable option for your guests to shake a leg in bhangra or the latest bollywood numbers. And feel free to go to town with innovative styles and colors for your dancing slippers to make sure they match your overall wedding theme and colors. Ordering your own stock of sandals means that you have plenty of options to choose from.

3. Add some bling to your mandap: This is going to be your dais, the center of attraction in the most important function of them all. It is of course nice to stick with tradition, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment a bit with the decor! Imagine a sparkling gold and red chandelier bedecked with faux diyas: now that is fusion worth having!

Wedding Decoration

4. Tattoos for guests: We mean temporary ones of course! How about a mehendi function where everyone gets inked with henna. There is no limit to the design ideas and messages you could have your lovely guests flaunt on your wedding day!

5. Serve alcohol in “Indian style”: Alcohol at Indian weddings depend on a variety of factors, religion and custom being the main ones. If you plan to serve alcohol, why go for the same old cocktail glasses and western bars. Add fun Indian twist to your cocktail bar as well. Booze laced chuskis, shots in Indian dhaba chai glasses, punch in lassi glasses, traditional chic bamboo flasks, there are a lot of inspirations to build upon. Who said Indians don’t drink?

6. Traditional Music for Sangeet: Music plays an integral role in any wedding. Since India has a rich and diverse music heritage, why not delve into that for a bit of tradition to go along with more modern acts for your wedding. For instance, during sangeet, you could get classical music acts like a shehnai or even qawwali singers for a soulful touch for the function.

7. Something different for the Baraat: This is one ceremony that has indeed seen a lot of experimentation and innovation over the years. Tradition calls for the groom to be astride a white stallion or mare for the trip to the bride’s home. Variations on the theme have seen anything from elephants to limousines to vintage cars. Our little suggestion to the pile? A classy Royal Enfield, that truly Indian and much beloved two-wheeled stallion, bonus points if you get one in classy white with cherry red livery!


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