How You Can Offer Services That Weddings Require

Nowadays, weddings mean big business. At times, brides and grooms enlist a whole army to make sure their wedding goes smoothly. It should come as no surprise that many enterprises - from planners to invitation designers and cake makers - are small businesses.

So if you too would like a piece of the action, here are some ideas to consider…


Informal weddings are increasingly becoming the norm. Consequently, three course sit-down meals provided by the venue itself is passe’. Even if the wedding breakfast is still a formal affair, an evening meal or dinner during the wedding party is often low-key.

Many couples nowadays opt for picnic-style or buffet-street food meals. Those keen to start off in this space can consider an on-site barbecue service for weddings or even a pop-up food stall. Other similar on-site catering ideas include an ice cream van, a cream tea service or a fresh candyfloss stall.


Weddings are a good chance to make money for self-employed florists, as couples often prepare a lot on bouquets, floral arrangements, and arches. Clients often provide a general idea or an overall color scheme of what they like. You’ll probably have to be creative and use your expertise to bring it to fruition.


Even wedding couples trying to keep costs down tend not to cut corners when it comes to wedding photography. Everyone wants a beautiful reminder of their big day. You’ll need lots of proof of your skills and expertise in order to get hired for weddings.

Most couples will want to meet you beforehand in order to familiarize and talk through the ceremony and the photographs they want. You can even toss in an engagement shoot as part of the package. This gives you the chance to practice snapping and get to know the couple before the actual event.


Brides inevitable choose to get their hair and their makeup done professionally for their wedding. Bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party too tend to prefer getting dolled up alongside.

You’ll have to set up at the venue or wherever the bride is getting ready and preparation time may be quite tight. Try to book in a trial run a few days before to try out a few different styles and finalize the look.

Offering a range of bridal services – makeup, manicures or hair – can put you ahead of the competition. If you don’t have all the necessary experience yourself, you can partner with other beauticians to offer a complete wedding package.

Making arrangements at cost-price for a few of your friends’ or relatives’ weddings may be a good way to start off. This will give you not only the chance to fine-tune your skills but also a chance at publicity and provide some gorgeous images for your site. You can also assist more established professionals in the field on a few jobs to gain experience and contacts.

Networking sites like Wedding Band – for professional musicians can help you land gigs. It's better if you set up a website that shows off your work and also makes use of social media platforms, especially visual sites like Instagram.



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