How to Create a unique Wedding Aisle

For the bride to be, walking down the prettily decorated path in the midst of your loved ones to join your beloved is undoubtedly the most dramatic occasion of the wedding day. And the impact is just as powerful for all those in attendance.

No wonder the aisle is often the first and foremost impression of the wedding that sets the tone for the rest of the event. So here are a few tips for making your wedding aisle unique and memorable.

Give the Runner a Makeover

The regulation white bolt of fabric with rose petals scattered is pretty, but it's been done to death.

Think different, get creative with unconventional materials and patterns, cool carpeting, etc - exotic Oriental rugs anyone?.

For something with a personal touch, you can use a runner with a favorite quote or the wedding date and couple’s names printed/embroidered on it.

Or you can go in for the organic look - leaves, river rocks, or antique wood planks – go natural!

Sourcing locally available material can save on expenses as well as fit in with a regional theme. For example – if the ceremony is by the seaside, aisles can feature sea shells or driftwood, while a garden path works well with floral arrangements.

Light It Up

Lighting is the best way to accessorize the runway and can be in different forms as well. Candles are the default choice but don’t work well in lighted or open venues. Instead, go in for lamps or ornamental vessels. Classic glass lamps are elegant while mason jars provide the rustic touch. For a more modern themed wedding, pillars of wax or glass with LED lights are a great choice. And they do away with the chance of dangerous open flames.

Go Green

If held outside in the open, trees can actually be the best background, with hanging décor providing the contrast. Or, if your ceremony is held inside, you can create an aura of the outdoors with plenty of greenery, floral arrangements or even a full-fledged floral wall to give the appearance of being in the wild. The season matters a lot as well, with the fall the perfect time for lining the aisle with potted pumpkins, whereas lush fabrics and leafy branches complement a winter wedding.

Opt For a Comprehensive Theme

Besides the walkway itself, you should not forget the other important aesthetic elements of the ceremony, like seating arrangements and the podium. These can impart the occasion with some dynamic energy. Ideally, the ceremonial space should be distinct from other parts of the celebration. It's better to designate separate areas for different functions - the actual ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception. This way guests get to enjoy walking into different spaces and experiences.

The Venue

Even though it's fine to let your creativity flow, be sure to share your plan with the venue well in advance. This can take care of some limitations that you may not have foreseen. Case in point - If the venue is hosting another event before or after yours, complicated design details may need extra time to setup or breakdown.


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