A bridal bouquet is an age old tradition with whose exact origins may never be truly deciphered, lost as they are in the mists of time. But we do have a pretty good idea what some of the reasons might have been, over the years. Superstition for one would always be a likely candidate, with the bride carrying sacred flowers to purportedly ward off the evil eye. A less prosaic and more down to earth reason would be to mask body odor, back in the day when perfumes and even regular baths were the privilege of the rich!

A modern bride may not need these bouquets for these purposes anymore, but a bridal bouquet is still desirable because they are soooo pretty!! Here are few suggestions for brides to be looking for a change from ordinary flowers in their bouquets:

1. Go fruity!  Fruits are amazingly vibrant and many of them have they have great texture and visual presence that can rival flowers in full bloom. Add some whimsy to your presentation with the addition of colorful and lush fruits to your bridal bouquet. You can either mix them up with a complementary assortment of flowers, leaves and vines or just go full fruity. But beware, fruits have more mass, and if you go overboard, you might end up straining your wrists!

2. Paper it!  Yeah, you heard that right. Paper flowers don't have a great rep and are considered second class citizens to the real stuff. But when we say paper, we are not talking about cheap decorative lookalikes. Think origami, artisanal products crafted with great skill and using high quality ingredients. They don't come that cheap, nor do they look cheap, contrary to conventional wisdom. Paper is also less fragile and perishable, and gives you a blank canvas to work with. Excellent for summer weddings.

3. Lush and Succulent why stick with puny blossoms when you can flaunt your fab curves in your bouquet as well with amazingly lush and fleshy succulent flowers and plants. Their fleshy bodies and muted colors have an amazingly modern chic aura and that slightly dusty texture can look amazingly classy.

4. Silky, kitschy craft Variations on the paper motif. Silk has been a traditional favorite for brides looking for something more luxurious and less fragile than natural flowers. You can even try using other materials like felt, velvet and other fabrics adorned with buttons and sequins if your whole wedding design veers more towards kitsch.
5. Amulets ahoy! This is an intensely personal idea for a bouquet that will be completely, utterly and totally defined by who you are. Add your family heirlooms, trinkets, childhood memories and brooches and all things sundry in a tasteful personal arrangement that will mean to you more than any random assortment of flowers and fruits on the most important day of your life.


These are just a few variations from the near limitless trove of bouquet ideas for the imaginative bride. Use your imagination and preferences to come up with your own unique takes on bridal bouquets. And please don't forget to share them in the comments section!


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