Some Ideas to Jazz Up Your Wedding Reception

No worries if your wedding venue won't permit you to put in a big arrangement, or maybe you just wish to keep the décor to a minimum, we have a few innovative ideas to turn your reception into a unique celebration that's all about you.

Hang Flowers

Flowers are not just for tables. Suspending some lush arrangements a few feet above your tables is a fun way to create more intimacy.

Drape the Ceilings

You can do wonders with a little fabric. Keep it sober and elegant with classic white, or mix and match brighter colors for a fun vibe. You can extend this to the table décor too and go all in for a decked-out reception look.

Table Runner and Flowers

Some modern table décor inspiration, like a patterned table runner further accentuated by smaller floral arrangements, can be a stunner.

An Experience for the Senses

It's not all about color alone. Add a few herbs like rosemary or lavender to the place settings for a fragrant touch.

Colored Glassware

Rather than splurge your entire reception budget on the centerpieces, use part of that budget wisely to rent out extras like colored glassware—it'll make your tables and décor pop in an eye-catching manner.

Calligraphed Menus

Rather than the usual printed escort cards and menus, take the design a step beyond with illustrations or calligraphy. There are multiple scripts to suit every type of events, - like traditional copperplate for a black tie event or something in free-hand for rustic charm.

Be Creative with Table Numbers

Instead of displaying table numbers or names on cards, display them in unique ways like on lanterns, wine bottles, or pennant flags.

Make Chalkboard Signage

Chalkboards with quotes are a great way to jazz up the entrance or decorate a cocktail bar. Personalize it further by installing an old frame and spray paint it to match the rest of your décor. Drape it with a flower garland or greenery and chalk away to your heart's content!

A Family Photo Wall

Rummage through your albums and create a wall of family wedding photos. Devote a row to the groom, one to the bride or just mix them all up. Or turn adventurous and showcase your (new!) family tree.

Colorful Backdrops

A stunning focal point that can also double up as a photo backdrop. Simple layers of different colors and shapes can give guests a choice of elements to marvel at. You can make use of materials that are easily customizable like balloons, tissue paper origami, garlands of greenery or flowers.

Table Lamps

Draw attention to the tables with table lamps. Surrounding the lamps with flowers or greenery is an easy way to conceal the cord clutter.

Paper Lanterns (a Lot of them)

Paper lanterns are nothing new. But hang a lot of them all over your reception venue, and it can be downright stunning!

Mood Lighting

With the perfect combination of lighting, fabrics and decor an addition of tall taper candles can have the effect of a magnificent scene of dancing lights.



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