Wedding Cakes

Undoubtedly one of the most memorable events of your wedding day is when you cut your wedding cake in front of your near and dear. Till that moment your wedding cake will sit pretty, being scrutinized by guests throughout the wedding reception. So it’s a no-brainer to have the perfect confection on your big day.

It is a common practice to choose a wedding cake that matches your wedding decor or style.  Most opt for the traditional tiered wedding cake, whereas others are a bit more adventurous to go in for a preparation that stands out or even cupcakes that are convenient to distribute.

Wedding cakes can cost a packet and should be ordered well in advance.  Not only will you need to consider the design, but also the filling. Modern pastry chefs and cake designers use various ingredients and tools to create a cake that usually reflects the personalities of the couple. Chocolate, fondant, marzipan, butter-cream and edible gum paste are the most popular ingredients.

Nowadays some couples opt for different tiers of their wedding cake to be in different flavors. The filling can consist of sponge, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, cheesecake or even chocolate fudge. It's a sensible choice if you plan to serve your wedding cake as dessert and can offer your wedding guest a choice.

Here are a few succulent ideas for you to cut up on your wedding day. These sumptuous creations are almost too beautiful to eat– but only just!

Cheese Tower

 Even if you have a sweet tooth or not, this savory seven-tier cheese tower will certainly wow you. Cornish brie, rich Devon blue, and sweet White Nancy goat's cheese make this taste as good as it looks.

Classic Rose Sponge

 This classic three-tier, cream-colored cake is decorated with soft icing roses seemingly cascading off. The light and springy all-butter sponge is lined with delicious, butter-cream and double-layered white-chocolate flavored icing.

Dainty Dots

This luxury wedding cake is delicious to the core with sponges including dark chocolate truffle. The outstanding attention to detail is evident in- the sugar roses, falling petals, and the two-tone ribbon that contrasts nicely with the smooth white icing finish.

Enchanted Forest

This cake is a striking monochrome design inspired by the drawings in fairytales. It is a work of art and had been voted the Best Wedding Cake Design in the 2012 Wedding Industry Awards.

Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake

This sumptuous cheesecake can also do double duty as your dessert course. You can also mix up the flavors with a chocolate-fudge profiterole option if you choose to.

Traditionally the wedding cake was cut up during the reception for the guests to take home in cake boxes or bags at the end of the reception. Having one of these marvelous creations on your wedding day might just tempt your guests to return to such traditions! Or even otherwise, these multi-tier marvels are reason enough for you to get hitched soon.

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